Service Questions

I am a US customer and bought a 'Stratford Company' sofa/chair/love seat and need some parts/service/warranty work?
Unfortunately, you’ve contacted the wrong company. We are a retailer of home furnishings in Stratford Ontario Canada. We have never had any association with the company who produced your product. At one time, we had some information on the proper company for you to contact but it appears to have gone out of business. Our only suggestion to you would be to contact your original retailer.

General Questions

Is Stratford Home Furniture part of Home Hardware?
The answer is yes, and no. Home Furniture is a ‘division’ of Home Hardware but each store is independently owned and operated. It is not a franchise but rather a dealer network. As part of the ‘Alliance International’ group, Home Furniture gets to use the huge buying power of Home Hardware and Home Building Centres, and vice versa ;-) Home Furniture has been in business for over 35 years and presently has about 50 stores across Canada.

Who owns the Home Furniture stores here in town?
Our two locations, namely the main Home Furniture store and the Home Furniture Warehouse Outlet, are locally owned by Fierling Enterprises Inc, a privately held corporation. The stores are managed by Jim Fierling and are completely independent of the Home Hardware Building Centre here in town. You may have dealt with our family in the past as we go back a far ways here in town. You may remember Jim’s dad, Howard Fierling who had the Beaver Lumber here in Stratford (back in the ’80’s) or the Home Building Centre in Wellesley. Or perhaps you knew his grandparents, Russell and Clara Fierling who were long time Stratford and St Marys residents. With a name like ‘Fierling’, there are not a lot of us around.

Furniture Questions

I have your catalogue but don’t see anything that suits. Do you have anything else?
Absolutely! The catalogues and flyers merely showcase SOME of the new product. They are not a full complete catalogue by any stretch. We carry and have access to a huge range of products. Many of the products we currently have on our showroom have never been, nor never will be, shown in a Home Furniture catalogue. As an independent store, we bring in a range of products specifically suited to what our customers want. Home Furniture has to buy for a national audience. We don’t have to and we don’t.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes we do! In fact, part of what separates us from everyone else is that we will work WITH you in the selection of fabrics etc to suit your decor and tastes. The vast majority of our products are available in other fabrics, colours, styles or finishes. What’s even better is that we can often do it for approximately the same price as the piece we have on the floor!

Can I borrow swatches to see what it’s like in my home?
Of course. In fact, we usually insist just to make sure that the fabric you think will work, does indeed work in your home. We encourage you to check against various light conditions as well, ie daytime, at night etc.

What is ‘bonded’ leather and why is it so inexpensive?
We refer to this product as ‘bonded leather fabric’, so that you are fully aware of what you are buying. Bonded leather is essentially a fabric which has a leather compound sprayed on to the back of the fabric. This allows the product to be sold as ‘leather’, due to the leather content. Keep in mind though that the surface you actually see and sit on is NOT leather. It is only a compound placed on the back to allow retailers to advertise a really inexpensive ‘leather’ set.

Mattress Questions

What’s the best mattress?
The best mattress is one suited to your needs and budget. No one mattress is the best there is as everybody is different. A $2000 mattress is not necessarily better for you than a $500 one! We encourage you to come in and try out our large selection of mattresses from Sealy, Springwall and Foamco. All are made out of factories here in Ontario and cover a broad range of budgets, comfort levels and materials.
Ideally, you should set aside about 1/2 hour to try out a number of mattresses, so that we can ensure the correct fit and feel the first time.

Do I need to replace my box spring / foundation or can I just buy the mattress?
You CAN use your existing box spring but there is a risk involved. Should there be any warranty issues regarding your new mattress, the first thing that will be looked at is the support structure for it. If you don't have a proper box spring, then the mattress does not receive adequate support which in turn can cause premature wear (and therefore voids the warranty).
If you are using a platform bed, then your support structure is fine and the warranty would be intact.

What kind of frame should my mattress have?
There are a number of different options available, with or without a box spring. The key thing to have is proper support for the mattress and/or box spring. A platform bed typically works fine. If you are going to use a metal frame, then we recommend at least a 5 or 6 caster/glide version for a double/full or queen mattress.

What are the various sizes of mattresses available?
The most common sizes are:
  • twin or single (39"W x 75"L)
  • twin XL (39"W x 80"L)
  • double or full (54"W x 75"L)
  • queen (60"W x 80"L)
  • king (78"W x 80"L)
For older (antique) beds, there is also a 3/4 mattress (48"W x 75"L).
Different mattress manufacturers support various sizes but most will do the common sizes listed above.