Should you find that service is required for your purchase, we suggest you look at the following notes for each of our vendors. If you are unsure of the manufacturer of your product, please just give us a call (519-273-9330) and we will be happy to assist you. Warranty claims for all manufacturers not listed below should be directed to the main store (519-273-9330).
In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service provided by one of our vendors, please give us a call and we work with you and the manufacturer to resolve any issues.

Calling from the USA?
The internet is a valuable tool but does not always produce the results we think. If you have bought a piece of furniture under the name ‘The Stratford Company’, that is NOT us. This website is for Stratford Home Furniture, a retailer based in Stratford Ontario Canada. We do not manufacture any furnishings. We believe the company CAYE HOME FURNITURES manufactured furniture under the name ‘The Stratford Company' but our information is that this company is no longer in business. As we are in no way affiliated with this company, unfortunately we cannot offer you any assistance for your furniture. We never carried any of their products, we do not have replacement parts, nor do we know of anyone else who would. Our best and only suggestion is to go back to your original retailer and see what they can do for you. We’re sorry you are in this situation and hopefully your retailer is as diligent with their customer service as we are.

Dimplex handles their own service issues and prefers to deal directly with the consumer. Please call 1-888-346-7539 should you require service for your electric fireplace. You will need your model number and serial number which is usually located on the firebox. On larger units, the firebox typically slides out the front. On smaller units, you may have to pull out the mantel and look in behind.

Frigidaire prefers to deal directly with the consumer as it’s easier for them to help you diagnose any issues and to send out a service technician. Please call Frigidaire direct at 1-800-265-8352. Note for local service we recommend Browns ClimateCare, 519-271-1723.

GE (General Electric):
Unfortunately, GE will not allow us to call their service department on your behalf. All warranty claims and support issues should be directed to GE Customer Service at 1-800-561-3344.

Samsung is serviced through a national organization. Please call 1-800-726-7864.