Yes, we have a Wedding Registry program!
If you are interested in registering with us, please send us an email or give us a call at 519-273-9330. One of our professional sales associates would be more than happy to work with you on setting up your very own registry.

How it works...
The happy couple come in and select items which they would like to include in their gift registry. Once selected, a private web page is created that lists the items chosen. Registry cards are created for the couple to distribute to whomever they chose, which lists the web site for the particular couple (here’s a sample).

Persons wishing to purchase a gift for the couple can then visit the web site and select the appropriate item. We also allow for 'cash' gifts which are pooled together for the couple to decide what to purchase.

Our entire product assortment is available to include in your gift registry, including custom order products, appliances, mattresses etc.

A 'Wedding Registry' book is made available at the main store for each couple, for those persons who wish to give a gift but don't want to choose something over the internet.

At the conclusion of the registry, a copy of this registry book is made available to the couple as a permanent record of who purchased or contributed to what gift.

The web site does not presently have eCommerce capabilities so those viewing the website can either call us to reserve the item on their behalf, or can visit the main store. Payment can be made in person at either the main store or our outlet location, or via phone with a credit card.

Every effort is made to ensure the web site is kept up to date but we do not guarantee a particular item is still available until payment is made.

If you are looking for a particular couples private gift registry website, please call the store and we will provide you with the correct location of the site. For privacy reasons, we do not include links on the public pages for the gift registry pages.